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Fashion In Style: McKenzie Dorn, Van Life in The Pacific North West

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McKenzie is a photographer (see her work here), nature lover and free spirit, living the “Van Life” and taking pictures along the way. Here she shares her outdoorsy-bohemian style.

On Inspiration During the Pandemic

Hi! My name is McKenzie Dorn, I am 26 years old, from Washington state! I have a huge passion for the outdoor lifestyle, and I’m a self proclaimed life enthusiast! Just last year I started my own photography business! I have always had immense passion for photography but never pursued it professionally because of the lack of time while having to work other jobs… but because of Covid-19 I was laid off from a job that redirected the career path I had currently been on (in real estate). I picked up a friend’s camera one day and a fire was sparked in my soul. It all clicked!

I can connect all of my greatest passions within photography. My love for nature & adventuring, and my deep love of human connection. As of right now I consider myself a lifestyle & adventure photographer, specializing in portraits (couples, engagements, families, & intimate weddings) and landscapes! As for future plans for my business, I want to dive deeper into the niche of content creating and partner with outdoor brands to travel and create amazing marketing content for companies! 

On Layering in the Pacific North West

I have lived in three states so far. Washington state is where I was born and raised, I also lived in California for about a year, and in Kauai, Hawaii for a little over a year. Now I am back in central Washington state. I would say that when I lived in the warmer climates of California & Hawaii my personal style was hindered a bit! Living in the Pacific North West, I’m used to layering clothing and incorporating jackets and hats to my outfits, but in warmer places the options were limited to shorts and T-shirts, which isn’t really as fun for me stylistically. I will say though that it was easier to venture into my bohemian style side because I didn’t have to wear as many bulky items! 

hoop nose ring

On a Nomadic Lifestyle

I have been interested in the van lifestyle since I was around 18 years old. The nomadic lifestyle is appealing to me because you aren’t restricted to paying a large monthly mortgage or rent, and you have the freedom to roam as you please. I finally saved enough to buy my dream motorhome in December of 2020. So far I have road tripped to Oregon, but I plan on visiting as many US National Parks as possible this year! I am stoked to expand my photography portfolio on the road and visit all of my bucket list places across the country! Stay tuned!!

winter fashion

On Fashion in the Mountains

My personal style is a little bit of boho mixed with mountain fashion. A few of my staple pieces are beanies, jackets, and vans/boots! I normally incorporate one of those items into all of my outfits! I currently live in the mountains, so on a daily basis I need to dress for the weather! Staying cute while cozy is my thang! During the summer months I love wearing boho inspired outfits…Flowy pants, shirts and dresses… I’m not a big makeup person, I keep it pretty simple with mascara, eyeliner, and a little bronzer! 

cute hiking outfit

On Inspiration Everywhere

 Nature, music, and human connection inspires me! When I am out on a hike or camping I feel the most inspired by the beauty that surrounds me. I am also a lover of music, singing makes me feel alive, sometimes lyrics of songs can explain our feelings better than we can in our own words, it can open up parts of my mind that had needed to be unlocked! So music is definitely a huge creative outlet for me!  When I meet new people, whether that’s at a photoshoot (creative outlet) or out and about I think having deep meaningful conversations can really spark inspiration inside of me!

I believe that creative expression is one of the most important parts of our human experience. Accessing the parts of ourselves that can truly be open and artistic connects us to our highest selves, ultimately creating a space where we can be the best possible versions of ourselves!

On Favorite Accessories

I LOVE my nose hoop. I wear it everyday, it makes me feel edgy lol. To spice up an outfit I add some statement earrings or hoops! 

bohemian beach look

On Beauty

I feel the most beautiful when I am doing anything that connects me to my highest self. When I am outdoors enjoying nature, dancing, singing, or taking photos. In those moments I’m not thinking about how I look but I am feeling so connected to the present moment that I truly feel so completely beautifully myself! Also I have to give credit to my amazing boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful on the daily, even if I’m not feeling my prettiest he always reassures me that to him I am the prettiest!

pacific north west

On Bohemian Style Influences

I have to say I am pretty addicted to tie dye clothing, and most retro trends for that matter! I’m excited about bell bottom jeans making a comeback besides the fact that I am normally way too short to fit into any of them! I would love it if festival fashion were more socially acceptable, just the freedom to wear clothes that are funky and fun! Some of my favorite places to shop are Zumiez and PacSun. A new pair of fun colored Vans and new denim jacket are on my wishlist!

outdoorsy fashion

On Finding YOUR Personal Style

I’ve never really put my style into a certain category, I let myself experiment with all kinds of styles and if it feels good and I think I look cute, then that’s all that matters! I love to be bold, mixing colors and patterns, and wearing outfits that are sometimes outside of the box!  I strongly encourage everyone to do what feels right to THEM. Don’t try to fit in, or be on trend, we are here to experience our life in our own way! There is no perfect style, way to live, or box we need to fit into! This is your life, who do you want to live it for???

Thank you McKenzie! You can follow McKenzie’s travel adventures as she embraces van life this year on her Instagram account. For more fashion and style inspiration from inspiring women be sure to subscribe below, and follow us on Instagram for updates! Check out more style stories here. Xo

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  1. McKenzie is not only beautiful but talented in many ways. I enjoyed her well written bio, her excitement for life in the present and her fun perspective on style. She is a priceless jewel! God Bless her as she enjoys His creation and recognizes her value in Him.

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