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Fashion In Style: Rurina Costantini, Japanese Inspired Style in Hawaii

Rurina Costantini goes by the handle @realjetsetter on Instagram, and for good reason! Here she shares about fashion in the different places she’s lived, and how she combines her Japanese aesthetic with Hawaiian styles on the island of Oahu.

hawaiian beach outfit
Rurina on the beach in Honolulu

On Being a World Traveling Mom

Hi everyone! I’m Rurina, I’m a new mom to a 19 month old boy, Kenzo. I was born in Japan and moved to Perth, Australia when I was 15 to study English. I have since moved to Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Berlin, and now Hawaii. I have visited more than 75 countries and hopefully more in the coming years. I am a flight attendant and also active on social media, especially Instagram. I love traveling and seeing and learning new things!

On Style in Different Cities

I think Japanese style is funky and classy, Australian style is a little delayed since the season is opposite from the US, Japan, and Europe. Style in the States is simple but pop, and Berlin is darker but with a Euro trend.

japanese kimono
In a traditional Japanese kimono

On a Perfect Day on the Island

I love going to beaches in East Oahu. I love to just chill by the shallow water with my baby and make a sand castle and find small crabs escaping from the hole. My perfect day would be waking up, going for waffles and coffee at Island Brew in Hawaii Kai for breakfast, then heading to Hanauma Bay for relaxation or snorkeling, eating lunch at Roy’s Hawaii Kai while looking at the ocean. After lunch, hike up the easy Makapuu trail to view whales playing in the ocean (winter season) and admire the beautiful view of Hawaii Kai and Kailua. After the hike, head to Waikiki to have some drinks at Halekulani Hotel and listen to ukulele and watch hula shows while the sun is setting in front of us. 

cute mom style
Rurina with her son, Kenzo at the beach

On Hawaiian Fashion

Hawaiian fashion is pretty consistent with the island vibe. Many of us wear monstera patterns, palm leaves, hibiscus, and brighter colors, dresses and rompers. I love Japanese and Hawaiian fashion so I often search for dresses or shirts that have Japanese patterns but in Hawaii style like Hawaiian shirts or maxi dress. For example, my favorite piece from a recent purchase is a Hawaiian shirt with Japanese tsuru (paper crane) pattern by Re/Done.

modern hawaiian print

On an Evolving Style

I went from dressing super Japanese to New York style then now island style. I always had good directions from my mom ever since I was little. She loved dressing me up and always introduced me to different styles. My mom worked for skin care company KOSE for years. She had an amazing beauty routine she taught me, especially how to prevent UV damage and dryness. It is really interesting that Japanese women used to dye their teeth black and that was considered beautiful in the past.

japanese traditional
Rurina with her parents, as a child growing up in Japan

On Mixing High and Low

I love mixing super casual and luxury. For example, I love to style with something I love but not branded with a luxurious purse like a Birkin bag. I don’t think we need to wear hyper luxurious clothes and shoes from head to toe to look cool. I believe just styling something you love (for me, anything with island patterns like hibiscus, palm leaves, and monstera or Japanese patterns like crane or samurai etc.) together with a statement belt or purse would definitely make a good look! Styling something super simple but having a statement belt is beautiful too!

On Everyday Fashion Tips

I also like my clothes stylish but comfortable. Comfortable enough that you can accommodate your sudden idea like “let’s go to the beach! or hiking now!” I love statement earrings. I think having statement earrings changes the whole look. It can even change how people see your face. I always try to wear earrings whenever possible. I think a great trick is to wear wedges everywhere you go! Wedges definitely lift our height up so we look great but it does not hurt our feet like high heels do!

birkin bag

On Beauty Inspiration

I get beauty inspirations from just browsing through Instagram! I love seeing how other people in my life put nice pieces together! It may be weird but I also love seeing an ad on Instagram because I have discovered so many brands I love I would not have otherwise! I am a huge fan of LE LABO… My scent is Bergamote 22


On a Favorite Era, Brands, and Wishlist Item

I love 1940s fashion! I love those beautiful vintage dresses. I love everything from very affordable to luxurious. I shop everywhere from ASOS to Hermès! For high end designer brands, I am really crazy about Hermès. My wishlist item is this Hermès bag… Kelly 25 Blue Atoll with GHW.

outdoor tropical shower

On Finding YOUR Personal Style

Don’t be shy! I sometimes wear very eye-catching clothes and people look back or take a picture haha but if you like the style, be confident and just rock it! Trust your feelings and trends will follow you!

Thank you Rurina! You can keep up with Rurina and her family adventures in Hawaii on her Instagram account.

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