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Fashion In Style: Polina Batueva, Hamburg, Germany

Polina Batueva is a true fashion lover who dreamed of working in the fashion industry since she was a young girl, growing up in Russia. She is now a PR assistant for Dior, and has taken her knowledge about the industry to begin exploring her personal fashion brand, enjoying creating content on Instagram and exploring her style with an audience.

On Creating a Personal Brand

My name is Polina Batueva. I am originally from Russia, from the small city of Izhevsk, close to the Ural Mountains. I’ve been living in Germany for 6 years. I studied media & culture communications and am currently working at the Dior office in Germany as a PR assistant. I am a fashionista, I like fashion & styling so much! After graduating from university, I decided to follow my childhood dream and start my career in fashion. Working in fashion PR and influencer marketing, I found out that I really like styling and sharing pictures with my audience on Instagram, that’s why I began working on my account and recently completed an online course from Mary Leest, “Personal brand in fashion business”. I have lived in 3 countries and 6 cities.

On Fashion in Different Cities

It’s so interesting to explore fashion in different cultures and how weather defines people’s style. While living in different countries and cities, I found out that fashion and style are so different, and it’s quite cool to learn something new from each culture. For example, in Brazil, I’ve seen that people like bright, bold colors, prints and feminine styles, a lot of women prefer wearing dresses and skirts. Especially in Rio, while I was doing my exchange semester at university, people wore light colors, since they have an eternal summer and it’s pretty warm, like in L.A. Also, they give a lot of attention to jewelry. Big earrings are a truly Brazilian thing.

Polina in Rio, during her semester abroad

On the Best of Hamburg, Germany

My favorite places in Hamburg are: Neuer Wall, a shopping street with a lot of luxury brand stores, where you can find almost every brand and new stylish piece. Elbstrand is a city beach, with a lot of beach bars to enjoy in the hot summer weather where you can watch a beautiful sunset.  Stadtpark, a city park, is a good place to go for a walk with a friend or a dog, or to read a book or a magazine.  I also love the planetarium there. It opens up a new galaxy and you can dream about and explore different worlds. Mühlenkamp is a famous street in the city, with a lot of cozy cafes, restaurants, bars, stores, and beautiful old buildings. 

On a Perfect Day in the City

My favorite thing to do in Hamburg is taking a Jivamukti yoga class at Roots Yoga
on a Saturday morning. On Sunday I enjoy going to the Elbgold café and ordering a coffee latte with oat milk and an almond croissant, then exploring the city afterwards with a friend or on my own. My perfect day in Hamburg starts with a breakfast bowl and a golden milk in a vegan café Aendre. I truly enjoy the food and the atmosphere there. It smells and tastes like home. After that, I take a walk along the Alster river. It’s a city hotspot where you can find a lot of people during the weekend and also spot new fashion trends from the Hamburg fashionistas like Leonie Hanne, Caro Daur and Xenia Adonts (who are originally from Hamburg and stay in the city quite often). I get a lot of inspiration from them and also a lot of energy from walking close to the river and soaking up the seaside air.

On German Street Style

In Germany, since it rains a lot, most of the time, people wear grey, white, brown, black colors. They have minimalistic and classic styles. Looks like Scandinavia a little bit, but also with their own charm. Currently I’m living in Hamburg, it’s one of the most fashionable cities in Germany. There are a lot of beautiful retail shops and plenty of luxury brand stores. Most of my style inspirations come from Danish influencers/fashion icons/stylists. I love how they combine colors and accessories, and style their Instagram layouts. Moreover, I love looking at street style photos from the fashion weeks around the world and finding the inspiration in these. One of my favorite street style photographers is The Styleograph.

Polina’s first style inspiration: seeing the daily elegance of her mother, growing up in Russia.

On the Magic of Russian Style

The place where I come from isn’t stylish at all. I think it is just too complicated to dress up fashionably when you have 8 months’ winter, with pretty cold weather. But I like complicated things. When I dressed up at school and on the streets, people would give me a weird look or even laugh at me. I was always extraordinary and would try to play with clothes. I had a lot of fashion magazines at home and was always trying to copy the looks and create new ones. My mum, who would always pay a lot of attention to how she dressed and looked, taught me how to get a sophisticated look. Just put some clean, light clothes on, a little bit of your favorite perfume, lipstick, get your hair done and smile. That’s all the magic of Russian style. I think that’s why I got this love for styling from my mum and decided to make a living from it.

On Creating Content on Social Media

My style is changeable every time. The more I learn and explore the fashion world, the more my style is changing. I like experimenting, mixing styles and colors. I love bold colors and combine them with basic ones. During the course in personal branding in fashion by the influencer, Mary Leest, I learned how to start blogging, style myself, create content for brands and start collaborating, taking and editing pictures, managing social media, even how to be your own boss. I truly enjoyed the time I spent during this course, and appreciate the connections with other international bloggers I met there. It has enriched me and my knowledge of fashion and blogging so much. Highly recommended for those who speak Russian.

On the Power of Accessories

 I’m a big fan of bags and shoes, that’s why I like looking for some extraordinary items and creating  unforgettable outfits. I love remarkable bags, for example, I like wearing a straw bag with a winter coat or with a classic blazer, and I also like playing with the form. As regards shoes, I always prefer leather ones, they are of excellent quality and I like wearing them for ages, ’till the last day of their life.

On Inner Beauty

My top tip for looking great is to do yoga or a workout in the morning, then meditate, write a thank you note to your beloved one, and put your favorite clothing on. It will make you happy and you will definitely look great! I do also care a lot about the inner state of my body, and can see that I look much better and get a glow on the days when I have inner peace and calmness. And a spritz of perfume to make you feel glamorous–My signature scent is definitely Libre from Yves Saint Laurent.


I truly love chunky boots, like those from Bottega Veneta or Prada ones. They were on trend this fall and are definitely  going to stay the whole winter and even spring. They are just so comfy and suitable for every outfit. Also, I love half-zip sweaters. Classic, sleek and ones with collars create a more modern look from an old school trend. The last one is a puffer jacket. It’s just the right thing for the winter, when you want to stay warm and look stylish. Cushion-like puffer styles are my favorites. I like nude and light colors. So I will definitely pick one from the following brands this time: Mango, Arket, Acne Studios or Jacquemus.

On Where to Shop

Lately, I’m into online shopping from e-commerce platforms, such as  Zalando, Shopbob, Mytheresa, etc. My favorite designers are Isabel Marant, Jacquemus, Acne Studios and The Row. The Mini Dior Book Tote is on my wishlist right now.

On Finding YOUR Personal Style

Listen to your heart! Look at the current and also the old trends in the fashion magazines, watch movies, read books and afterwards, ask yourself: “what would you like to put on your body?” and just put on everything that feels right, then you will find what you are looking for.

Thank you Polina! Follow Polina as she expresses her personal vision of fashion and style on her Instagram account. Want more fashion inspiration? See our other stories with personal style from inspiring women from around the world, including artists, influencers, actresses, celebrity stylists and fashion designers.

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