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Celebrity Fashion: Actress Tahirah Sharif, The Beloved Miss Jessel from The Haunting of Bly Manor

On Natural Beauty, Favorite Look from the Show, and Upcoming Projects…

You might recognize Tahirah from The Christmas Prince and the spooky follow up to The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, which premiered on Netflix last fall. On Bly Manor, Tahirah plays the character of Miss Jessel, a beautiful and ambitious nanny who falls in love and becomes caught in the tragic gravity of the manor. The show is more of a love story with ghosts than a true horror show, and Tahirah’s character is captivating, tragic, and it turns out, very very stylish. Find out about her favorite looks from the show and her real life style inspirations below.

tahirah sharif on the set of bly manor

On an Evolving (but comfortable) Personal Style

I am a British actress and a proud Londoner. I have been acting for around nine years, and have  always wanted to be acting and creating ever since I can remember. Being able to use my imagination and make the unbelievable believable has always been so enjoyable for me ever since I was a child. On a day to day basis, I’ve always had quite a casual sense of style, but in the last few years, I  would say it’s a bit more elevated than it used to be. I may not necessarily wear tracksuits anymore, but comfort and style are important to me, so I’ll wear a woollen co-ord with a pair of trainers from time to time with a smart overcoat and a cute handbag to make it less casual. 

tahirah sharif curly hair

On Work and Life

I enjoy most forms of creativity, but obviously acting is my main form of creative expression. Aside from that, I really love writing scripts. I’m currently writing a tv series with my writing partner and close friend, which I’m really excited about. When I’m working it can be really hectic and full on, so when I have down time, I actually love to just do nothing and enjoy my own company! Other than that, I love spending time with friends & family, watching movies, going to the theatre, visiting museums/galleries and eating great food, which are all things we currently can’t do now due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. I can’t wait until everything is open again, and I can enjoy doing the things I love with the people I love. 

miss jessel bly manor
Tahirah on the set of The Haunting of Bly Manor

On a Natural Beauty Philosophy

How I’m feeling on any particular day generally informs what I wear. I like to keep things fresh, and always look well put together regardless of what I’m wearing. I spent a few months in South Korea a few year’s ago for work, and they have such a great approach to health & skincare. They take it very seriously. I’ve tried to adopt a similar approach when it comes to the health of my skin. None of the women in my family really wear make-up, they have a very relaxed approach to beauty. It’s more about natural beauty and having confidence in yourself. The only make-up I remember my Mum and Aunty wearing was a nice bright lipstick, as they said sometimes that’s all you need! They weren’t interested in the latest trends or beauty treatments or serums or anything. It’s more about trying to use as natural products as possible on your skin and keeping it simple. So shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and cocoa butter are essentials, as you can use them on your face, hair and body.  

tahirah sharif

On Her Bly Manor Character, Miss Jessel

Miss Jessel’s style was very tailored, fitted, elegant and extremely well put together. After doing the show, I definitely took some inspiration from my character’s costumes, as I really enjoyed wearing them. I think Miss Jessel’s style reflected her personality and her personal story so aptly, as the costumes and colour palettes showed her elegance, and status.  My favourite outfit was a very simple one, but I absolutely loved it. It was a plain black polo neck, long tan brown wool pleated skirt and a pair of knee-high dark brown leather snakeskin heeled boots. 

miss jessel outfit
Tahirah as Miss Jessel in Her Favorite Look from the Show

On Everyday Accessories and Flawless Skin

I love wearing earrings (mainly thin gold hoops) and rings (gold midi rings), I very rarely go out  without wearing them! I think accessories are extremely important in creating an overall look, as you can completely change your whole look depending on the accessories you choose to wear. When my skin, hair & nails look great, I feel great regardless of what I’m wearing. If I’m having a bad hair day I’ll cover it up with a cool hat or headband & make it work! I tend to get a lot of beauty inspiration from my friend Alisha. She has flawless skin, so I always ask her for her advice on skincare & beauty products.  I love La Vie est Belle by Lancôme. It has a very deep and floral scent, and you only need a few sprays, as it lasts a long time. 

actress tahirah sharif

On a Great Trend for Petites and Favorite Era

I quite like the whole chunky trainer trend at the moment. They are super comfortable and give you a few extra cm’s, which is never a bad thing when you’re as petite as me! I really love the style from the 50’s. Everything was really tailored and feminine, and seemed to fit really well. I’d love to do a project that was set in that decade, as it would be so great to wear costumes from that time period.  


actress tahirah sharif

On Favorite Brands

I love shopping on ASOS. It has absolutely everything on one website, and it’s super easy to search for and find exactly what you want. I also really love Farfetch for the same reason, except Farfetch stocks more high end designers. Pyer Moss is a designer I’d love to own more pieces from. His designs are really innovative, yet wearable. One item on my wish list is the classic Chanel Black Double Flap Bag 2.55 with gold hardware.  It’s a timeless piece, which has been imitated countless times. It’s just a beautiful quintessential Chanel bag. 

on the set of the haunting of bly manor

On Upcoming Projects

Most importantly, you should wear what you feel comfortable and confident in, and dress in  styles that are flattering for your body shape. That’s what I try to do whilst trying not to get stuck in a rut when it comes to my style. I’ll next be in a film called ‘Escape the Field’, which is a thriller about six strangers who wake up in a cornfield with absolutely no idea how they got there. We follow them as they try to find  their way out. I would love to do a period drama where I don’t play the help. ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix is so encouraging. Seeing black characters as part of the regency rather than in menial roles is so refreshing and inspiring, and something I want to see much more of.

Thank you Tahirah! We look forward to seeing you in new roles in the future! To learn more about Tahirah’s career, including advice for aspiring actors, check out her recent interview with Women in Motion.

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