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Simona Bertolotto, Sissiottostyle

Simona is a photographer, influencer, and the founder of Sissiottostyle; a company through which she provides social media and buyer consultation for brands and individuals, and curates gorgeous pieces and collections that reflect her elegant, eclectic taste. Below, she shares her styling tips, inspiration, and favorite spots of the city she calls home; Turin, Italy.


On Breaking the Lines

I was born in 1971 in Turin. I have two wonderful children, Vittorio and Carlotta. There was a time when I was a wife and a mother, then all of a sudden that world stopped and I found myself at a crossroads: looking for continuity or breaking the lines. I chose the second one; I walked my way and however difficult it was, I wouldn’t go back. I started my creative journey, and I opened my Instagram profile where I share myself and my passions every day.

On Her Birth as an Artist

Photography and fashion have always been my two great passions. I was born artistically as a photographer in 2011, in the same year I opened my page on Instagram, @sissiotto to share my photographs. My background includes artistic and fashion photography, and it goes from a portfolio on Photovogue, (Vogue Italia’s international photography platform), with well over 150 of my images, to a series of artistic awards including personal and collective exhibitions in the following years.


On Being a Torinese

I lived first in the province and then in the city, in Turin, a city that I love and that I find surprising and wonderful. I love its elegance and refined beauty. I consider myself a “Torinese” in all respects, although a little atypical, far from stereotypes of a shy and reserved person. My spontaneous character, open, cheerful, maybe it is more in tune with the Romagna Region, but in Turin I feel at home and I can still carry out my activities here… deep down my town isn’t quite as gray and gloomy as it sounds..

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On Art and Culture in Turin

Turin is a city to discover. There is the Turin automobile (FIAT automobile was born here), the Cinema Museum, the Egyptian Museum. The Turin of the Royal Libraries, the Royal Residences, the Royal Gardens, the Royal Savoia Family, in short. There is the Turin of Liberty (also known as Art Nouveau), of the historic cafes, of the long arcades in which to shelter from the rain. 

On the Lesser Known Side of Turin

But there is an unusual Turin, often unknown even to Turinese, which amazes and enchants. To mention 5 of my favorites:

1. The historic district north of Turin, which is teeming with the most interesting and majestic street art.

2. Thirteen works by Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, painted on entire walls of the buildings of the neighborhood.

3. The Botanical Garden, built in 1729 at the behest of Vittorio Amedeo II, in which there are numerous greenhouses and over 5,000 different plant species, a pond with water lilies, and native and exotic centuries-old trees.

4. The Church of San Lorenzo that will amaze you as soon as you cross its threshold. Commissioned by the Savoia family to celebrate the victory against the French, the Church of San Lorenzo is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in the city. It was designed by Guarino Guarini between 1668 and 1687. The imposing dome dominates the square. Once inside the dome, looking up at the windows and architecture you can see what is called the “Devil’s Face” formed by the windows and arches.

5. “Il palazzo col piercing” (the building with the piercing), a contemporary work of 1991 known as Baci Rubati (Stolen Kisses), is a work created by Corrado Levi. On an historic building of the eighteenth century, in the middle of the Roman Quadrilateral, Palazzo con il Piercing is a suggestive and somewhat unusual work. On the sides of the piercing there are drops of red and blue, representing nobility and poverty.


On Style Periods

My style is definitely humorous! I’m one of those people who goes to periods. There was the minimalistic period, the one with prints, and now I am immersed in color. I use fashion as a cure for my days, outside and inside the house. I am a true fan of Mix And Match. I like to mix colors, prints, and patterns for a very unconventional effect. On the other hand, fashion is nothing but play and fantasy. My advice is to combine prints, colors and patterns such as stripes and polka dots, different materials and shapes, while maintaining a certain chromatic harmony. The use of accessories is fundamental. I recommend making a statement with shoes and bags with clean, rigorous lines, without flashy details but that can give life to a unique and original look.  

simona bertolotto

On the Timeless Charm of Women

For me beauty is the perception of harmony, of pleasant sensations that come from a stimulus of different nature: a work of art, an object, a dress, a person. Beauty is everywhere, just know how to grasp it. Beauty is not lost over the years, it simply changes: what should not change is the attention we give to ourselves, the love for our habits, from beauty care to those of daily life, including hobbies and leisure. The charm of women is timeless and we should learn to love ourselves for who we are, with our little flaws and imperfections.

Thank you Simona! You can see more of Simona’s style and photography on her Instagram accounts, @sissiottostyle and @sissiotto

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