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Fashion In Style: Beatrice Papetti, Island State of Mind in Milan

Beatrice Milan, Italy

In 2019 Beatrice Papetti had the transformational experience of spending 6 months on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, sleeping under the stars in a van, and discovering herself and life in a new way. She returned to Milan and brought with her the experiences she discovered abroad, bringing her Island inspired fashion to the fashion capital of the world with her delicate pearl accessories and care-free aesthetic.

how do women in milan dress

On Freedom of Self Expression

Hi, I’m Beatrice and I live in Milan. After a six month experience on the magical island of Tenerife, I co-founded a brand of small river pearl treasures, Tene. The wildlife, the tropical climate, sleeping under the stars in a van, brought me closer to an existence much more in contact with nature and my soul. Living every day wearing a bathing suit, without any kind of social order gives you the full right to express yourself.

island inspired fashion

On Life and Fashion in Milan

Milan is fantastic, full of art and design. It gives me the impression that it is overflowing with stimuli. I probably don’t have a typical day, I like to change and discover, but if I had to choose, I would like it to be a sunny Saturday morning with a beautiful breakfast at a table, an art exhibition at Fondazione Prada, lunch Al Fresco, and spending the afternoon among vintage markets in the Navigli, dinner with pizza like a real Italian girl! In Milan, fashion is art. Fashion is religion and expression. I like to look at it, appreciate it, try to understand it. Fashion is an expression of something. It is out of context, but connected to the world. It is affected by everything that lives around it. 

island inspired fashion

On Layering Pearl Rings

I think my style has grown with me, becoming the product of my experiences. My models come from movies and magazines, but I’ve never had a steady one. I think my mother was my biggest source of inspiration in terms of beauty, very much linked to the concept of self-care. My style is super versatile and instinctive. It depends on my mood and how I feel. My favorite accessories are rings–I love them! I really enjoy looking at people’s hands, and I love seeing how they are matched.

layering pearl rings

On Confidence

I think the key is to feel safe and confident even when you’re not at the top. One thing that makes me feel better is a brushed hair and a veil of mascara. I don’t have a distinctive scent, I’ve been wearing Chanel Mademoiselle for years, but actually I really like to change.

how do italian women dress

On Finding Your Personal Style

I would recommend following your instincts, letting yourself be inspired by cities, by art.

Thank you Beatrice! Beatrice’s authentic river pearl rings are made in Italy and shipped worldwide, you can get them at Atelier Tene. For more of Beatrice’s chill and glamorous aesthetic follow her on Instagram, where she shares pictures of life and culture in Italy, and of course, rings.

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