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5 Fun New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

To Bring you Luck and Money in the New Year…

Midnight on New Year’s Eve is normally about banging pots and pans, shooting off fireworks, or sharing a kiss, but for the past three years Francesco and I have been doing something else…

In the midst of the celebration, as the countdown begins and everyone is pouring champagne…we have fed each other 12 grapes (one for each strike of the clock), chewing and swallowing as fast as we can (and laughing because it’s actually really funny simultaneously shoving grapes in each other’s mouths-The stress! The pressure! The ridiculousness!). We learned about this tradition from Francesco’s sister in law Carolina, who lives in Spain. The number 12 represents the 12 months, and grapes are supposed to bring sweetness into the coming year. It’s been a tough year for many, and although we won’t be at any crazy parties this year, I think that the beginning of a new year is an important time of reflection and setting intentions, and to also have a bit of fun as you try to invite better fortune into your life for the future. Here are 5 ideas inspired by traditions from around the world, to usher in some good energy to your new year.

NYE 2018 with grapes in hand

1 Gifting Red Underwear to your Love, (Italy)

This is a sexy Italian tradition meant to be a “good wish” for your partner in the new year. Personally I think it’s just an excuse to finish the year with a bit of romance, but either way, this is a fun tradition that I really like.

2 Eating Lentils (Italy) or Black-Eyed Peas (US)

This is something that we do without fail every NYE…why? Because lentils represent money! Who doesn’t want to increase their bank account in the new year? We normally eat them hot at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and then serve them on the side for lunch the next day for good measure.

3 Wearing Polka-Dots, (Philippines)

In the Philippines, polka-dots (anything round, really) represent coins, so people make sure to wear something polka-dotted for the new year to increase financial good fortune. (It just occurred to me that I can eat my lentils while wearing polka-dots, surely the luck from these superstitions is cumulative.)

4 Banging Bread Against the Wall (Ireland)

Although my passionate love of bread might prevent me from participating in this one, in Ireland it is said that banging bread against the wall chases bad luck out of the house and invites in good spirits. I’m not sure if eating said bread has the same effect, but I’ll let you know.

5 Polar Bear Plunge (Canada)

How does a swim in the icy cold waters on New Year’s Day sound? The first ever polar bear plunge occured in Boston over a hundred years ago, but it has been popularized in Canada and spread to many countries across the globe! I’m not sure what the symbolism behind the tradition is….facing a challenge? Washing away the old year? Good old fashioned masochism? In lieu of the cold waters, I’ll be washing away 2020 in a luxurious bath, listening to Auld Lang Syne with a bath bomb and a glass of champagne…You’ve got to modify these traditions to work for you, right?

New Year’s Eve kiss in Rome 2018

However you choose to ring in the new year, at Countertrend Fashion we are grateful for your readership, and we wish you many blessings in the new year! Happy New Year and Buon Anno!!!…now go make those lentils!

If you love learning about different cultures, check out our Fashion Around the World Series! Don’t forget to comment and let us know about your favorite NYE traditions!! To keep up with new posts, subscribe below and follow us on Instagram. Xo

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