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Fashion In Style: Alejandra de Coss, Avant Garde Elegance in Mexico City

Alejandra de Coss

Alejandra is a fashion-forward entrepreneur who lives in Mexico City, and designs clothing and jewelry for her independent fashion brand Alejandra de Coss. Her brand seeks to create a new definition for the term luxury by combining artisanal techniques with new technologies, and placing an emphasis on the details. With a unique combination of playfulness and sophistication, the pieces in her collection engage the imagination, while remaining grounded in handmade craftsmanship and socially responsible production. I particularly love her jewelry, which is made by local artisans, and inspired by the work of various artists, architects and designers. Below we discover her brand, her personal style, and where the two overlap.

the finger ring Alejandra de Coss
Photo by Eugenio A Shulz, ring: The Finger Ring by Alejandra de Coss

On Living the City on foot

I’m Alejandra de Coss, I’m a jewelry and fashion designer of my eponymous independent brand, based in Mexico City. I could not describe myself besides what I do every day. My job is my passion, and I enjoy (almost) everything about it.  I have been living in Mexico City for the past 7 years, I do almost everything on foot, which I really enjoy. This means high heels are never welcome, I like comfortable clothes and efficient shoes, I’m very into accessories which makes every outfit stand out. Mexico City weather is fantastic all year round, and layering is a must because you can face different types of weather during the same day. I used to live in another big city, Puebla, where you have to drive everywhere, and it makes your clothing choices completely different. 

paris street style
Courtesy of Walkscapades. In Paris; similar earrings: Demetra Earrings

On Simple Pleasures

This is a very different year, and we learnt to enjoy simple things like just going out for a walk. My favorite activities in the city are going to flea markets like “La Lagunilla” and going to exhibitions around the city like MUAC (Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo). Maybe going to the movies at the Cineteca (National Cinema) or Cine Tonalá; they showcase festival movies or independent movies that you don’t tend to see in every cinema, and drinks or dinner out with friends in a small place. One of my favorite restaurants is Máximo Bistrot, or for a more casual date, Parnita.

On Effortless Style

The approach to fashion in my city depends on the area where you live. I live in Roma Area, where there is a young population being just comfortable and relaxed but cool. Nothing pretentious. I really like Paris, everyone looks stylish no matter what age they are, especially old ladies. I love Tokyo, people are so unique and know how to take risks, you see it wherever you look. I love everything that looks effortless, though. 

Alejandra de Coss lips necklace
Pink blazer from Alejandra de Coss, necklace: Lips Necklace


On Finding Inspiration in the Family

It’s funny because I used to be very feminine in a girly way, trying to look as perfect as possible but not necessarily comfortable. I would not put fashion over comfort ever again. I’ve learnt what suits me best with functionality and I try to wear clothes that go for different occasions without having to make too much of an effort. I think natural looks better, and if you’re comfortable, it reflects in your attitude. My Aunt Graciela is someone I remember looking at and thinking how glamorous she looked and how beautiful she still is in her very unique way, red-haired and lots of jewelry no matter where she goes. I wanted everything she had, her shoes, her bags, her coats. My sister and I used to play with all her stuff when she was not around. Every time I think I look terrible I think of her with her disapproving face! 


vintage fashion inspiration
Vintage photo of Aunt Graciela in her signature look

On Personal Branding in Fashion

I’m a reflection of my own brand; obviously, my style is relaxed, but on-trend, elegant but comfortable. Loose but structured. Personal branding is so important, is not only how you want to be perceived but who you actually are, but the best version of you. There’s a very thin line between thinking if my brand is an extension of me or vice versa.

On the Power of a Good Blazer

Accessories make a huge difference, the choice of the shoes can make or break the overall look. Statement jewelry plays an essential role if you want to pop out. If you just wear a t-shirt, but with the right accessories, you don’t need much more. A good blazer always helps, though.

alejandra de coss jewelry
Lips and Pearl Earring courtesy of Alejandra de Coss


On Oversized Blazers, Red Lips, and 70s Pants

I’m not a high-maintenance person, but I do like a bit of makeup to feel pretty, Red lips always cheers your mood but don’t overuse, Ruby Woo from MAC COSMETICS is my favorite. I would say my signature scent is Maitresse Eau de parfum from Agent Provocateur, they don’t sell it anymore, but I can still find it. I love Charlotte Gaingsbourg’s style, she manages to look so effortlessly chic.  My favorite trends are oversized blazers, they make any look cooler, more dressed up. Chunky boots and statement jewelry are other current favorites.  I wish 70’s pants would come back, and they will. Trust me!

alejandra de coss fashion
Courtesy of Alejandra de Coss

On Thrifting and Independent Brands

I love vintage shops and second-hand markets, you can find authentic jewels there, like Lagunilla. For online shopping, I like The Frankie Shop when in NY or Paris. Alex Eagle in London and Dover Street Market is a must-visit. But I don’t buy much clothing (I wear mine), and I really enjoy shopping for the home, my favorite shops are museum shops. One of my favorite ones is the one inside the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Tamayo shop in Mexico City. My favorite designers are Maison Margiela, Rei Kawakubo (founder of Comme des Garçons), Chalayan, but mostly independent brands. 

alejandra de coss designer
Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mexico, Fall 2019.

On Finding Your Personal Style

You’ll find your style, it will come, you don’t search for it. You’ll see what represents you and what you are comfortable with. It took me a bit to find what was the type of clothing that I felt comfortable with, and the style that represents me.

Thank you Alejandra! If you’d like, you can see more from Alejandra on her Instagram or treat yourself to one of her unique designs on her website. Personally I would love to wear these earrings (inspired by the cut-outs of Henri Matisse) with a white button shirt and red lipstick. For more style inspiration from around the world, you can read our full collection of interviews here. See you next time in a new city! Xo

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