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Fashion In Style: Cassie, Thoughts the Label, Slow Fashion in Greece

Sustainable Fashion in Greece

Cassie started out as a young girl who tried to follow every trend, and as a result consumed a lot of fast fashion, before she discovered vintage and reworked fashion. She now is the owner of her brand, Thoughts the Label, a clothing line that specializes in reworking vintage pieces. Here she tells us about her transformation from fast fashion to sustainability in Greece.

sustainble fashion

On Slow Fashion

I am Cassie, the owner of Thoughts the Label, a sustainable Greek label of reworked vintage and thrifted clothing. Thoughts is a fashion brand born from my desire to combine my loves for fashion art and sustainability. As I was growing out of my teenage years I started learning about sustainability, ethical branding and the value of slow fashion for the environment. During that time, I discovered thrifting, and was very intrigued by the fact that every piece already had one or a couple stories on it. That brought to me the idea of creating unique pieces with preloved items, drawn or reworked with a different energy and a different story to tell. I consider myself an artist and I am trying to implicate this in every part of my life.

On Discovering Thrifting

In my 20 years, I have lived in 3 Greek cities that have a lot of differences. I grew up in a town in central Greece named Volos, where I spent my childhood and teenage years. My sense of style started growing in high school, when my love for bloggers and my obsession (very shameful but forgivable now due to lack of knowledge) with having infinite pieces of fast fashion made me play with outfits all the time. Surely this was an important part of me during those years. My style was built by copying outfits that bloggers wore on their pages, and later on their Instagram accounts, but that were usually odd for a small Greek town where everyone was dressed conventionally and pretty much the same. After my graduation, I moved to Athens for university. Athens is the capital of Greece, a city that made me feel more comfortable about experiencing even more with my fashion and style choices and that was also my opportunity of discovering thrifting. Every other day was a trip to small thrift shops and a research of unique items of clothing. I started being more and more bored of everyone wearing the same big fast fashion brand outfits, and thrifting was a way to get out of the thing that I used to love as a teen. 

fashion in Greece

On Enjoying the Process

After Athens, I moved in order to study law in Thessaloniki, the city in which I now live and where I created my brand. Fashion and dressing up is a ritual here, and the city is full of people who take their time to create their outfits. Styling is often exaggerated even for a morning coffee, but the effort that these people are making with their style is truly admirable. I began to think of slow fashion as a bigger idea. An idea of taking our time to create clothes and enjoying the process. Not rushing into manufacturing huge amounts of clothing, but appreciating every item from the making till the wearing.

traditional greek breakfast koulouri
View from my apartment in Athens with acropolis view, with traditional breakfast from Thessaloniki (koulouri)

On Living Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city full of life, young people and nightlife (before Covid-19) my favorite place has to be a hidden café inside a pink house, where every room has it’s own theme. Also, the sunsets at the city’s port are magical. Like I said, Thessaloniki is a city where people consider fashion and dressing up an important part of their day and sometimes tend to overdress. That freedom inspires me here mostly in a way of appreciating styling as a whole process. As for my approach to fashion, the most important thing for me is having a wardrobe of unique pieces. I am so bored of people choosing the same clothing, the same brands and loosing their personal identity on them.

sunset in thessaloniki port
Sunset in Thessaloniki port

On Wearing a Story

I am trying to tell a story with every fashion item I wear and this extends to my work, with pieces I create for Thoughts. There is truly something so magical about wearing clothes coming from the 60s or 70s. Travelling is a big inspiration for me. Different cities have influenced me so much, I’ve gotten something from every place I’ve seen, and made it a part of myself and my personal style. Also, nature inspires me so much– mountains, snow and skiing during the winter, and the blue of the sea during the summer have given me so many ideas that I have incorporated into my art. My personal style has changed as I learned about sustainability and began trying to find clothes that have something to say. The biggest change surely is quitting caring what other people think about fashion and style and starting to dress for myself. As the years go on, I may not shop as much I used to but now shopping for me is a treasure hunt. I am searching for uniqueness and quality in the pieces I choose. I prefer sourcing fewer items that make a statement and are not just another garbage to the environment.

seaside in greece

On Fashion Role Models

 My life-long style inspiration was and will be Lady Di (aka Princess Diana), not only for her style choices but also for the character that every piece had and the statement she made with everything that she wore. From the famous Harvard sweatshirts and cycling shorts, to the most outstanding dresses, she was pulling off her outfits like they were part of her, that’s at least what I feel when I see the photos. It is something I try to consider when shopping for clothes. Similarly, my grandma is a family member I admire for her taste in fashion for pretty much the same reasons. She is a fierce woman who has travelled the world and that reflects on her personal style. She is also the best beauty councilor when it comes to beauty secrets about skin and hair. I still use a mixture of oils she literally made herself!

On Libra Versatility

Every day I wake up feeling a different person as it comes to my personal style. My indecisive Libra soul has not managed to choose and stick to a single style. If I had to choose a word to describe my style, it would be versatility. There are days I love minimalism, other days I wake up feeling like a 60s hippie, there are even times I grunge my style so much. Recently, I find myself choosing more simple pieces for myself, neutral colors with minimal accessories and bringing more creativity and colors to pieces I create for my brand. This is a way to express every part of me at the same time. Accessories are playing a bigger role in my looks in the past year. Before that I think I had not even owned a single accessory. Now, as much I love huge statement necklaces or earrings on other people, due to my petite size I rarely choose them. I am sticking more to smaller pieces and I love to layer. The trend I have been obsessed with lately is overstyling earrings. I love wearing mixtures of gold and silver in every ear while leaving the neck or arms almost bare. 

inspiring travel photo

On Beauty Starting Inside

My tip for looking great daily is not a beauty trick, everyone has different needs. Something I can say though is that looking great outside comes from inside us, from our souls and inner peace. So, my ‘’trick’’ is taking care of ourselves in the way that serves everyone. Taking time to relax, to show love to our bodies can be a day at the beach, time at the spa, watching a sunset or meditating every morning, because when we show love to ourselves that is going to look good on our skin, our hair, our bodies, our outfits. That is my only trick to looking and feeling great on a daily basis. My all time favorite beauty inspiration is youtube. Tutorials of different women on youtube are keeping me company since I was 13 and still going strong ha,ha. I do not have a signature scent I keep changing my perfumes, I love almost every Dior scent though.

On Bringing Back Silk Headscarves

In general, I am skeptical about trends. I think they are playing a huge role in overconsumption and the impacts of it on the planet, so when I see a trend I consider if it something that could stay and continue to be worn over time, or if it will be gone by the end of a season. Right now I have a huge love for oversized everything, a trend, if we can name it a trend, that will stay for good if you ask me. It is also something I incorporate a lot in Thoughts creations, especially big oversized men’s blazers from the 90’s. As for old trends, the one I really want to see coming back and I think it slowly approaching is head scarves. I just love a vintage silk scarf around the head with big sunnies for summer.

ethical and sustainable fashion

On Embracing YOUR Versatility

I shop almost exclusively from vintage shops, I hunt them down where I go, live or travel. Vintage shops are also the place I source my favorite designer brand items and my favorite would be Yves Saint Laurent, who played a huge role for my love for big blazers and gorgeous suits. My advice would be to let themselves wear different pieces and…see how they make them feel, do not be crazy about being one single thing. Humans are not one thing, we are a compilation of things and we should feel free to say that with our style.

Thank you Cassie! We love your move toward sustainability, and personally, I too am obsessed with vintage silk scarves (especially Hermès). You can see more of Cassie and Thoughts the Label on her Instagram or online at her website, where you can score great deals on her one of a kind reworked vintage pieces. For more style inspiration from around the world you can read our full collection of interviews here. See you next time in a new city! Xo

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