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Why Countertrend Fashion?

We recently put out a question to our community on social media …

The name sounds a little rebellious…a bit like counterculture…but what does it mean? That we are anti trend? Rebels without a cause? Anti-fashion? The answer is no, we actually love fashion as a visual medium, and we even love playing with trends, although we will never follow them blindly. The meaning behind countertrend fashion is to not copy what everyone else is doing just because it is trendy or cool, but to really get to know yourself and use fashion as a way to express yourself. We are Countertrend because we seek to celebrate the individual, not the current fashion scene as shown to you in your Pinterest feed (but please feel free to follow us on Pinterest nonetheless ;)). Personal style is an incredible way to communicate your story and identity visually with the world. We collaborate with fashionable women from all around the globe— some well established in the fashion world, some who do fashion just for fun, to show the many infinite ways that you can accomplish this. Maybe you like color, what does that mean for you? Is it saturated colors with lots of contrast and multiple prints? Or is it a pastel dream complete with ruffles and tulle? Or perhaps you feel your best in flattering basics with a comfortable (but designer) shoe. It doesn’t matter which fashion category you might fit into if you are authentically representing your point of view. The point is, when we wear what makes us feel good, we are more confident, more productive, and happier. The concept of countertrend fashion was born in October of this year. Francesco and I wanted to find a way to escape the stress of the pandemic. I work fulltime as a nurse, wearing a mask for 12 hours at a time, and the feeling at the hospital since March has been tense. Not wanting to focus on the news, we knew we needed a creative outlet to bring our passions of travel and fashion back into our lives, and we knew that countless others needed to reconnect with beauty and joy too. We missed being able to learn from different cultures, and wanted to find a way to bring that joy into our lives, and into yours too, so Countertrend Fashion was born. Fashion may seem like a frivolous topic to some, but viewed through the right lens, what we are doing is connecting people from all around the world and celebrating a shared joy. At Countertrend Fashion we believe in inclusivity, diversity, and equality. We can learn from each other and find commonalities despite different backgrounds, ethnicities and languages, and that is anything but frivolous. In a time where travel is restricted and there may seem like there is no reason to change out of sweatpants, we are bringing to you the reminder that we are all in this world together. And it’s a beautiful world.

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