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Fashion In style: Magdalene Enimhienomo, Lagos

Magdalene Enimhienomo Lagos, Nigeria

Magdalene is a fashion blogger in Nigeria, who is a self-described “fashion addict” and lover of all things beautiful. Here she shares her unique perspective on fashion and life in Lagos, including her favorite after work ritual, Nigerian fashion, and the cute ‘n comfy 1960’s trend she wishes would make a comeback.

On Being a Fashion Addict with a 9-5

Hello Guys! My name is Magdalene. I am a Nigerian fashion blogger, content creator and author. I am also a full time banker working the regular 9-5 and getting stuck most of my time in the heavy traffic in Lagos city. I love to shop for new fashion trends and classic fashion pieces as this makes me feel like I won a lottery. Also, when I am not adding new items to my cart, I spend my time window shopping or streaming YouTube videos on fashion. So basically I am a fashion addict and lover of all things beautiful. You can follow me on my blog trendsenstylez for fashion, lifestyle and travel tips.

On Fashion in Nigeria

Like I stated earlier, I am a Nigerian living in Lagos. So you would expect that our fashion style would be somewhat different. However, most of our day to day styles are mirrored from the United States or United Kingdom. On the other hand, we love prints and colors in Africa; Aso Oke, Ankara, Lace, damask etc. We love to mix and match prints or add a pop of bold colors to our look.

On an After-Work Ritual

A perfect day for me is a visit to Tarkwa bay beach in Lagos, Nigeria. I love this place– it is my escape from the stress of the city. A part I look forward to on my trip to Tarkwa bay is the short boatride, the lovely view of Eko Atlantic City (“Small London of Lagos”) and the walk on the sandy beach. Aside from the beach, it is the barbecue beef that is readily available on my way home from work (called Suya in Nigeria). Omg! I love to eat it after a stressful day at work with a chilled yogurt drink. 

On Mixing and Matching

Being fashionable and on trend is a big deal over here. We are abreast of the latest trends around the world and are quite receptive to them. However, our local Ankara style is still very much on trend all season. So we mix and match Ankara pieces with the contemporary fashion trends. My fashion style is still evolving I would say. Sometimes I love to be chic in my style, other days I go for casual laid back look. My style icon is media personality, writer and entrepreneur Bonang (named one of Africa’s 50 Most Powerful Women by Forbes in 2020). When I was younger, I was into the runway shows and I knew about some huge designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent and the likes but was not into fashion as much. However, in my early twenties as I got my first job and could afford to shop for my own outfits, my love for fashion developed further. My personal style is chic and minimalist. 

On Using Accessories to Upgrade your Look

My outfit is incomplete without accessories. My favorite accessory is handbags. I collect them every time I get the chance, especially trendy pieces, which makes it easy for me to style my outfit. I can dress up a basic outfit by matching it with a stylish handbag. I get inspiration from reading a popular online magazine called Who What Wear for beauty, styling tips and places to shop for fashionable wardrobe pieces. Also, you don’t have to spend so much money on your clothing to look stylish! My tip is to collect more basics for your wardrobe as they are easier to style; body suits, tanks, t-shirts or tops. These you can easily style as your base for your day to day look. You need a variety of accessories for your wardrobe–they are great ways to dress up a basic look with ease. A stylish hat can switch up your look from basic to stylish in snap. 

On Bringing Back Halter Tops

Trends will always come and go. One trend I wish would make a comeback is the halter neck outfits. I love them a lot. They are super stylish and comfortable especially because I don’t need a bra in them. Who doesn’t want to free up them girls sometimes? 

On her Wishlist Item

I love to do my shopping online because of the convenience from Missguided, Shein, Yoins and Yesstyle (I am an influencer for Yesstyle). My favorite designer brand, which is most people’s favorite this year, is Balenciaga. This brand has robbed the love that I had for Dior. One major item on my holiday wish list is the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires. I will forever cherish this bag and give it the love it deserves.

On Finding your Personal Style

Finding your own style may come easy for some while others may find it difficult. One piece of advice I would give someone who is trying to create their own style is to go for outfits that they feel safe and comfortable in. Also, opt for tailored-to-fit outfits that suit your body type. And of course, not all trends are for you.

Thank you Magdalene! You can see more of Magdalene’s fashion on her blog or Instagram.

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