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My Top 5 Styling Tips of the Month

Tip #1 Define your Brows

It’s time for me to jump on the Glossier Bandwagon and get a handle on these eyebrows. Apparently Glossier is the go-to brand for taming your brows to look groomed and natural. One of the most frequently mentioned beauty tips on this blog is to define your brows. Check out the brow inspiration Shira from Koketit is serving us below! Lauren Greenberg recommends using Boy Brow for a fluffy yet defined look– I’m going to try it, and I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

bold eyebrows

Tip #2 Corsets as Outerwear

Corsets are waaay more wearable than I thought. Valentina Rios of Le Freak es Chic and fashion influencer Marie Kitsova both have creative ways to style corsets for the colder months, layering them over simple tshirts, oversized button downs, and even outerwear to define the waist and create a flattering sillouhette.

Marie Kitsova corset

Tip #3 Patterned Manicures

A creative manicure is an under-stated way to add major visual impact in the details. Unfortunately with nail salons presently closed in LA, I’m going to have to go the diy route. Check out this fun ying-yang mani below and let me know what you think.

Yin-yang manicure

Tip #4 Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are adorable and I have to have them. Somehow, they make Valentina look like an artsy silver-screen vixen, and not like a cartoon monk.

short bob with baby bangs

Tip #5 Timeless Pieces

Invest in classic pieces, like Kirenia‘s Burberry earrings shown below, or my new number one wish list item–a timeless Chanel jacket. Unlike MellowMayo‘s lavendar pick, I prefer this timeless option.

gold burberry earrings

But more than any styling tip, what I’ve learned this month is that despite the social distancing and the inability to travel, by being creative we can connect with inspiring people from across the globe, making our days a little brighter, and keeping our community close. I hope you’ve picked up some styling tips too! Let me know in the comments which interviews have given you inspiration, and what styling tips you are planning to try! Xo

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