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Fashion In style: Marie Kitsova, from Russia to UK

Marie Kitsova fashion influencer

Marie Kitsova is a fashion influencer and model who grew up in Russia. She is now a digital content creator, charming her 137K followers on Instagram with her chic outfits and bold accessories. She has also been featured in Glamour UK for her beauty and skincare tips. On her Instagram stories, she is super relatable, interacting with her followers and giving a behind the scenes peek into her glamorous life. Read on for styling tips and Marie’s predictions for upcoming trends.

Hi everyone! My name is Marie Kitsova. I’m a fashion influencer and model from Russia, currently based in the UK. I’ve been in blogging since 2015 and over time have made this once little project of mine into a successful career. Over the past few years, I’ve been able to work with lots of incredible brands and to build up a community of likeminded individuals on my Instagram.

On Traveling Europe

Since I’m now working remotely, I have this incredible opportunity to experience life in different places all over the world. But let’s start from the beginning: I was born and raised in a small town in Siberia called Novy Urengoy. Then I moved to Moscow to go to university there. During my school and uni years I was traveling quite a lot, living with host families in Germany and the US, and staying with my friends all over Europe. And now that I’ve gotten my Bachelor’s degree I’m living between Moscow, London and Portugal. All these places differ a lot when it comes to personal style. Moreover, I feel like all of them have made a certain impact on the way I dress. However, with fashion being more and more accessible to everyone and trends travelling incredibly quickly over the internet, I believe these location-based differences are becoming less noticeable. 

Marie Kitsova corset as outerwear

On Her Approach to Fashion

As I’m working as a fashion influencer, my approach to fashion is to a certain extent professional. I always have to stay in the know of the hottest trends and…fill my closet with them. However, I am trying to gradually move away from fast fashion to more investment-worthy pieces. Moreover, I am constantly supporting sustainable and ethical local fashion brands on my Instagram page and am always happy to discover new names in the industry.

On Global Inspiration

I am a big fan of the Scandinavian style for its functionality and minimalism. I get inspired by the way Scandi-girls dress and look. I guess, the idea behind their style is that everything can go with everything. They love playing with different textures, but only within a neutral muted colour palette, wearing high-quality fabrics with sleek accessories and elegant details, which make their outfits effortlessly stand out.

On an Evolving Style

Coming from the girl who used to wear whatever was in stock at the only shopping mall we had back in my hometown, in freezing Siberia, I’ve learned a lot over the years. And my style certainly keeps changing and evolving. I feel like as an influencer I have to incorporate a lot of trends into my wardrobe to keep things interesting. But I am always trying to make those trends “my own”. I like playing with contrasts and mixing different styles in my looks. As I have very feminine features and long hair I often add more masculine items to balance it out. 

Marie Kitsova United Kingdom

I guess the first fashion icons I had back in the day were my older friends from school. As I think about it now, I wasn’t actually into fashion that much as I was growing up, until I discovered Instagram and Tumblr. I started following a few “bloggers”  (I don’t think people were considered bloggers or influencers back then) from Europe and the US and I got really inspired by their style. Everyone was going through a so-called Tumblr phase: everything from American Apparel, high waisted skinny jeans with crop tops, chokers, band shirts and jean jackets…good times. I feel like that style is actually about to have a come-back soon.

On Family Beauty Secrets

 My mother and my grandmother have always shared their beauty secrets with me. For example, doing scalp massages for hair growth or using castor oil for long eyelashes. I’m also very grateful to my parents that they wouldn’t let me have any crazy experiments with my hair or get everything pierced when I was a teenager. Thanks to them, I don’t have to deal with the consequences now.

My Style Is…

Bold, Attention Grabbing, Basics with Statement Accessories, Lots of Oversized Pieces

Marie Kitsova accessories

On Elevating with Accessories

Golden hoop earrings, statement rings, and layered necklaces are usually my go-to. I am also a big fan of different head pieces: bucket hats, berets, or just a basic New Era cap – I strongly believe that bold accessories can elevate any outfit. In fact, they look amazing with everyday basics like a white T-shirt and some baggy jeans. 

Confidence is Key

I think it really helps to have a few solid outfits that you can just pull out of your closet quickly and rock in any situation. Something comfortable but polished at the same time, like good basics with statements shoes and accessories. Put your hair in a sleek low bun or a ponytail. The key is to wear everything with confidence.

On TikTok Inspiration

When I don’t have much time to do my makeup, I’m usually using a BB cream, some blush, brow gel and lip gloss for a quick and fresh look. If don’t have ANY time for makeup, I just throw on my favourite sunglasses…and a face mask haha. Recently I’ve been getting lots inspiration and ideas from TikTok! I’ve discovered so many makeup ideas, skincare and haircare tips there – turns out it’s not just about the silly dances! I love experimenting with scents. I have an enormous collection at home, but when I’m traveling, I like taking different fragrances to different places. Some of my favourites at the moment are YSL Black Opium, YSL Libre, Lancôme La Vie Est Belle l’eclat, Givenchy L’intredit, and Nina Rouge Nina Ricci.

On Bringing Back the 00’s

 I feel like 90s and 00s are having a huge comeback right now and I’m here for it: I love 90s style accessories, like square frame sunglasses and shoulder bags. Baggy jeans, all things leather, especially leather blazers, sweater vests, corset tops. 

On Online Shopping

I mostly shop online, that is why I quite like multi-brand websites like ASOS, Farfetch, Revolve and Amazon, where you can find basically any fashion or beauty item. From the mass market I’d say Zara is my go-to, but since spending quite a lot of time in the UK, I have discovered many cool brands from there. Boohoo, OhPolly, AYM Studio, Motel Rocks to name a few. My favourite luxury brands are Jacquemus, Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. I am also a big fan of Bottega Veneta, but I don’t own anything from them (yet)..

On My Wishlist…

It’s so basic, but a brown North Face Puffer Jacket. Winter is coming!

Marie Kitsova personal style

On Finding your Personal Style

Honestly, I feel like I’m still looking, still exploring and experimenting. I’ve definitely had several phases…some of them are better to forget! I believe a good way to learn is to find some good examples, in this case, some people, whose style most appeals to you, and recreate their looks. Over time, you will develop your own taste and an eye for certain things.

But the most important thing to bear in mind is – no matter what you’re wearing, if you don’t come across as confident and comfortable, that will show more than anything else. Fake it ’til you make it!

Thank you Marie! We enjoyed learning more about you and your gorgeous style!!

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