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Fashion In Style: Mayo Wo @Mellowmayo, Hong Kong

Mayo Wo Hong Kong, SAR China

Mayo Wo has been a fashion blogger since 2009, sharing her signature pastel outfits to her expansive audience on IG and writing styling tips and more on her blog When she was younger, she wanted to emulate a minimalistic style with a lot of black, before finding that she was much more authentically self-expressed by playing with pastel colors and romantic elements. She is a perfect example of how listening to your inner voice, rather than following in the footsteps of others leads to a more impactful and authentic look.

On a Changing Fashion Scene

Hello everyone! My name is Mayo and I’ve been sharing my styling ideas online with the handle @mellowmayo for over 10 years now. Most of my pictures and videos are taken during the weekend, as I have a day job. Last month I obtained the qualification to be a civil celebrant of marriages in Hong Kong and I’m looking forward to officiating weddings in 2021. I’ve lived almost my whole life in Hong Kong. I spent a year in Singapore when I was 4 or 5 years old. In Hong Kong, there’s been significant shifts in fashion in recent years, we were heavily influenced by Japanese and Western styles before but Korean fashion has dominated the street style influence these last few years. I also notice that people have been increasingly open minded in terms of fashion choices and have embraced gender fluidity.

On a Perfect Day in Hong Kong

I love exploring new cafes and diners in Sai Ying Pun and Soho area, and I’ve found recently that Sham Shui Po has many interesting new shops that are full of character, it is also a fabric and fashion materials paradise which has inspired many fashion designers. A perfect day for me would be waking up late, having a nice brunch in a lovely cafe, then taking a ferry to an outlying island like Cheung Chau or Peng Chau for some fresh air and local art, or just driving to the Peak to admire the panoramic view of Hong Kong which never ceases to amaze me. I think we are quite diversified in terms of fashion but the Japanese and Western influence in the last decade is undeniable. As we are a fast paced city, comfort and practicality are also priorities, and the sports luxe style is quite popular. As for myself, I love experimenting with different styles and juxtaposing contrary elements such as boyish & girly, posh & street, as a way to express myself. Styling is my creative outlet. Aesthetically the style that inspires me most would be preppy x retro from the West, but recently I’m also under the K-pop style influence.

On Style Inspirations

I was really into black and the minimalist style back when I’d just graduated, as I was into Kate Moss and the Olsen twins’ style. I thought it looked cool and chic, but eventually I realised that it’s just not who I am. I started to experiment with other colours and grew fond of pastel hues and dreamy elements like tulle and ruffles. Interestingly my family wasn’t really into fashion, but my love for Barbie and canton pop superstar Anita Mui (often described as “The Madonna of Asia”) when I was a kid did play an important part in cultivating my passion for fashion. My style could be summed up as pragmatic romanticism, although I’m keen on experimenting with different styles.  I love the colourful suit trend, there are now so many options and I have collected many pastel ones. I kinda wanna see the comeback of the mod look and the omega hair.

On Styling Tips

 It used to be socks which I paired with heels to give my look a bit of eccentricity. Then I was really obsessed with hats especially cloche hats and berets. Recently I’ve been collecting nice belts to cinch my waist for a flattering silhouette. Nice accessories can always highlight an outfit like a cherry on top. A bucket hat can save a bad hair day. And a classic midi dress which you can throw on for any occasion is great to have on hand. I usually keep my makeup simple but also love checking out Korean magazines for beauty inspiration. As for my signature scent, I would say it’s Byredo La Tulipe currently.

On Favorite Designers

Whenever I feel like getting a new dress, Sister Jane is the first shop that pops in my mind. I also love select shops in Hong Kong like Amelie Street and Cocktail. I love Chanel, Thom Browne, Dries Van Noten, and Viktor & Rolf. I hope to one day have a Chanel tweed jacket which I can wear on any occasion–preferably in light lilac– til I’m an old lady.

On Knowing Yourself

I try not to follow trends blindly, I pick items that resonate with my aesthetics or spark joy. As for finding your own personal style, you have to first find out who you are and understand yourself, but we all know it’s a very long process, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles or make mistakes, until you find your own voice. And I don’t think we have to stick to one particular style as we all have different sides of us. It helps to check out editorials and street snaps of different countries too. Never forget that fashion is supposed to be fun and expressive, like painting, always have fun with it and express yourself through it.

Thank you Mayo! You really make fashion fun, we love the pastel fantasy that you create! Are you into the idea of a lilac tweed Chanel jacket? Would you like to see the return of Mod? Start the discussion in the comments! You can see so many more gorgeous photos on Mayo’s IG for more style inspiration. If you missed them, check out our style stories from other inspiring women in different cities around the world!

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