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Fashion In style: Nikki Poon, Brisbane

Nikki Poon Brisbane, Australia

Nikki is a fashion lover who grew up in Bangkok, and now resides in Brisbane, Australia. She has a classic, polished style, complete with elegant details, funky sunglasses, and pants in seemingly every color of the rainbow. Here she shares her formula for looking taller and the most flattering lipstick shade, and shows us why “Dad Sandals” should be an outfit staple.

On a Passion for Fashion

Hi! My name is Nikki, I’m from Thailand. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia which is totally different from my hometown. I grew up in Bangkok, a very hectic city. Bangkok is full of so many shopping centres which lead to me developing a love of fashion. Fashion is my passion and I cannot live without it.

On Staying Current

I love shopping on James Street. There are so many amazing shops, which are mostly multi-brand style. My approach to fashion is to keep myself updated by using Instagram and checking out the trends from WhoWhatWear. Even more than shopping, my favorite thing to do in Brisbane is cafe hopping.

On a Signature Style

My style hasn’t changed too much over the years. I have tried to keep my signature style, as I love to wear high-waist trousers with any stylish tee or blouse. I’m not tall, so I like to wear the high-waisted trousers to make myself look taller. When I was young I had so many style icons but the ones that I still love to this day are Princess Diana and Mary Kate Olsen. They have amazing taste that most people can only aspire to. I adapted my personal taste with the style icons who inspire me.

On Pre-digital Inspiration

I credit the magazine CLEO for teaching me about fashion and beauty. I started reading this magazine when I was 18, and eventually ended up getting a job working there. The content was amazing, everytime I read it I felt like I was sharing passion and inspiration with my closest friends. This magazine taught me much more than just fashion or beauty, but also also a lot about love, career and life. Sometimes, I wish the world would bring back the days when we read good content from paper magazines.

My style in 3 words…Vintage, Stylish, Classy.

On a 5 Minute Face

When I’m short on time I usually apply Chanel CC cream quickly, then define my eye-brows– and don’t forget the lipstick. My favorite one is Tomford Foxfire No.85, its a warm toned medium dark orange with a creamy finish. And my favorite fragrances are Givenchy L’Interdit and Davidoff Cool Water.

I’m not the person to follow every trend. I try to keep my own style and stay more classic but if any new trends suit my style, I will try to adapt my look to include them. My favorite trend right now is wearing “dad sandals”.

Also the Bermuda shorts, which hit at about the knee. I like to accessorize with a watch and earrings always.

On Designer Brands

Nowadays I shop online a lot (hahaha). I have so many favorite brands. My favorite luxury brands are LOEWE, Celine, and Bottega Venetta. But I also have so many Thai designer brands I love, such as Asava, IRADA, VirginXmermaid, and RallyMovement.

On Finding Your Personal Style

Don’t try to copy others when it is not suited to your taste or your own style. Don’t buy the item just because you saw someone else looking cool wearing it, but actually it’s gonna be weird when you use it because it’s not “you”. Find what you really like to wear and what you really like to put together your outfit. Know your body and your personality, and if something doesn’t make you feel your best, let it go. If you can learn to do these things, you would be someone who has your own personal style.

Thank you Nikki for inspiring us with your fresh, polished and fashion forward look! ***Mentally adds dad sandals to wish list***You can see more of Nikki and her fashion on her IG account HERE.

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