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Fashion In Style: Valentina Rios, Barcelona

Valentina Rios Barcelona, Spain

We are so excited to have connected with Valentina to talk about her unique and inspiring personal style! Valentina is from Chile, and lived in New York and Madrid before recently moving to Barcelona, where she designs and handcrafts her jewelry collection. For Valentina, personal style is a true art form–not defined by space or time, but born of intuitive self expression. Here she shares her beauty secrets, inspiration, and favorite places in Barcelona.

On Location and Creativity

I am a human being in a personal quest to find my place in the world through developing and exploring to the fullest all my passions regarding creativity and visual languages. I have lived in Santiago, Chile; New York, Madrid and Barcelona, and I insist that’s it’s not about the place but about the people that you tend to get together with, whichever the place is. So it’s not very different regarding style in these cities, what may change is how other people receive these ways of expression.

On Life These Days…

I just arrived to live in Barcelona a month and a half ago, so I haven’t been able to explore the usual places because everything is closed due to Covid. But when I used to come here I went to extraordinary exhibitions at Museo del Disseny. Also, I love to go to an antique market that opens some days of the week called Les Encants, and I’m a big fan of La Sagrada Familia (you can take a virtual tour here), it’s a transformative experience to go inside.

There are many tiny libraries that I love to get lost inside. There is a magazine shop that has the best fashion magazines, called Free Time, in Sant Antoni neighborhood. And finally, Barcelona has the best vintage shops– you can find really selected vintage pieces like those at Oh La La, and there are charity shops where you find the most amazing treasures.

On Coming Together Creatively

I love what is happening right now both in Barcelona and in Chile (where I am from). With all the suffocating restrictions, creative people are finding the way to get together as a community, express themselves and transform the rage and pain into art.

On Being Fearless

I don’t believe in an approach to fashion based on a city, I believe that big cities are formed by persons from all around the world, with unique personal styles that add to the total of a whole, and that’s the beauty of the mix of cultural diversity. My approach to fashion is my statement…

“Fashion is my language, my personal field where I express myself with absolute freedom and absolutely no fear.”

I am transforming myself all the time every day, fashion is my language, and it’s not a static or dull language. I experiment with boundaries all the time, ever since I remember. My mother could never dress me as she wanted since I was very little. In terms of what inspires me, a lot of things, mostly never regarding fashion. People inspire me a lot– random unknown people that I cross. Or movies, exhibitions… above all nature with its immense power, art, colors and creativity.

I haven’t learned about fashion, I just express myself in an organic intuitive, very intuitive way. 

On Her Unique Look

My style is constantly changing, always elegant with something off. A mix of opposites, like sophisticated with tomboy, very feminine with masculine, or historical pieces with rugged clothes. 

On Favorite Accessories

Hats, shoes (always), right now long gloves and vintage corsets. A lot of earrings and my own necklaces from my collection that I design and craft myself (you can find them on my IG account on the highlight stories).

On Beauty Secrets

I combine a lot of Korean beauty products with occidental beauty brands. One product that I can’t live without is the serum Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder. I wear it at night but also to prepare my face before makeup if I am going out or if I wake up with a tired face. Also, the ampoule by the Korean brand Miisha called Cho Gong Jin.

And when I have to look good in a hurry I paint a little and brush my eyebrows, hydrate my skin with the serums, and paint my lips in bold red. For scent, I am devoted to a pair of fragrances by Le Labo, those are my signature scent.

But most of all I believe in eating healthy and consciously, getting all the vitamins from a lot of fruit and vegetables from all the colors, combined with legumes, fish and a lot of nuts. I drink a lot of water and never carbonated drinks.

I am all for the trend of finding new ways of getting together and expressing ourselves, searching for spirituality and cultivating myself. I have never been classic in any field. I always find the best treasures in vintage shops and flea markets. Right now, I also love newer brands (more than the more established designer houses) like Collina Strada, Eckhaus Latta, Eytys, Ciao Lucia, La Manso ,Ganni, and La Veste. And from Chile: Wear Pedritos, Dob3rman and Martin Luttecke.

But I never follow trends, sometimes I think when you express yourself truly you are mostly going to set up new trends.

On Finding a Personal Style

I am constantly searching and finding it but in an intuitive non-conscious way. To everybody, just be free, feel free to express yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are classical or a freak, as long as it’s real and you stay true to yourself.

Thank you, Valentina for giving us this window into your beautiful and unique outlook! If fashion is your language, you express yourself with charm and eloquence! Check out Valentina’s IG account to see her jewelry line and more style inspiration.

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