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Fashion In Style: Lauren Greenberg, Los Angeles

Lauren Los Angeles, California

Lauren, or “Lorn”, as she likes to go by, is a lifelong Los Angeles resident. A customer service manager at online jewelry company The Pearl Source, in her free time Lauren loves cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, thrift shopping, and soaking up the city of Los Angeles. She lives in Downtown LA with her hubby and their adorable dog, Dottie. This girl knows how to casually rock a cowboy hat and mix-and-match patterns to create a punchy, kitschy-chic look that is impossible to copy (but trust me–you will want to try). Read on for her thoughts on thrifting, mixing patterns, and her 10 minute trick for effortless beauty.

On LA fashion

Fashion is influenced by its environment, such as weather, resource access and people.  So fashion in Los Angeles reflects a laid back, sunny, Californian lifestyle but with a touch of pretention. Carefree, yet still refined. I think I’ve internalized that in my own approach. I’m very comfortable in an oversized tee and bike shorts, so long as its partnered with pearl earrings and a structured crossbody bag.

Jean jacket and spectacles

On being Resourceful

My style has always been very current, ‘on trend’, so it changes with the times but also changes with accessibility. I remember being a teenager and always feeling SO frustrated while getting dressed. Because I had this idea of how I wanted to present myself aesthetically but was confined to what I had in my closet. And growing up lower middle class, I didn’t have the means to emulate this image I so badly wanted. I relied on secondhand stores, like Goodwill or Salvation Army–but that gave me the backbone to being the thrifter I am now.

With her husband at Imperial Western restaurant at Union Station

As an adult, I’ve been able to really come into my own because I now have (more) means and access to things that aid me in expressing my style.  My first ‘alternative’ style icon was Katy Perry, when she was that pastel pinup gal who liked cherry Chapstick. I feel like that was the beginning of my fashion journey, obsessed with a look and stopping at nothing to perfect it. My style can be a blend of trendy and classic. Right now, I’m really into a kitschy look; clashing patterns and fun colors. Kind of anti-fashion? Let’s just say my phone case is cow print, my nails are yin yang and I’m in the market for checkerboard print pants.

Cardigan, crossbody bag and shades
Moscow Mules on a girls’ trip to Palm Springs

On a Perfect Day in LA

My ideal Saturday in Los Angeles starts with brunch at Cole’s, a DTLA original, followed by sifting through the racks of Goodwill (or ‘goodwill hunting’ as I like to call it), bookended with catching a flick at The Vista, Los Feliz’s vintage single screen movie theater. If I’m lucky, I’d be seeing a friend’s band play at The Echo that night. This is all pandemic permitting, of course. When it comes to splitting my time with going out and staying in, I try to keep an even balance.

Shatto 39 Lanes
The Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood

My weeks consist of trying new recipes (like the breakfast bowl featured below with potato beet hash, fried egg and home pickled onions) and catching up on my shows. While on weekends, I love to soak up the city and my kitchen doesn’t get much attention. Living in Los Angeles grants you access to so many fulfilling and unique dining experiences, I’m always researching what restaurant I want to try next. It’s a luxury I’m so grateful for.

Lorn’s breakfast bowl

On Sustainable Fashion

My absolute favorite brand and lifestyle blog is Lisa Says Gah. When it comes to kitschy-chic, they’re the queens. Since their shop is curated with awesome sustainable and ethical brands, the price point can be a little high. However, they take Affirm (a zero-interest payment plan), so it makes investing in their quality pieces a little easier. I’m also a big fan of Everlane, their pants in particular. Being a curvier lassie, I’ve found their jeans are conducive to my body type and they have a great variety of cuts ‘n’ styles. For secondhand, my go-to stores are Crossroads and Goodwill.

Pappy & Harriets in Joshua Tree

On Favorite Accessories

Like most things in my life, I seek balance and I think that’s reflected in my style. Feminine with masculine; casual with dressy; funky with understated. That’s why I identify with the Yin Yang symbol so much. You can usually find me wearing small gold hoops, my gold personalized “Lorn” pendant and a scrunchie to match the day’s outfit.

Rocking a black hat and hoop earrings
On vacation in Tulum, Mexico

Is my dog an accessory? She’s all black, so she goes with everything.

On a 10 Minute Beauty Routine

As the true millennial I am, Glossier’s my go-to beauty brand. For a 10 min effortless look, I fluff the brows with ‘Boy Brow’, a swipe of ‘Cash Salad’ on my eyelids, some ‘Lash Slick’ and bring it to life with a deep berry lip stain, ‘Generation G, Jam’. Then my greasy hair gets tucked away in a sleek, taut low bun. A little bit of lotion or coconut oil will tame those wild flyaways.

10 minute makeup

At this point, I’m pretty married to the scent Another 13 by Le Labo. Pro tip: get their sample size fragrance for $6. It lasts you longer than you’d think and you’ll smell rich. (BALLING. ON. A. BUDGET.)

On Finding a Personal Style

Finding your own sense of style can’t be forced and it takes time but you’ll get there. Humans are constantly influenced by outside forces, whether it be Instagram, TV shows, the city they live in, their friends… all of which are always evolving and your style evolves with it. I’ve always been a connoisseur of fashion and it just took experimenting to find what I felt most myself in.

At home with Dottie

Thank you Lauren, for giving us a peek into your corner of the world. We LOVE your one of a kind style! You can keep up with Lauren on Instagram, or shop her closet here.

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