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My favorite Travel Ritual

After months of travel restrictions I’m finding myself thinking longingly of everything that has anything to do with travel. I miss that feeling of butterflies in my stomach the night before a big trip, that first meal when you land in your destination…even the flight itself filled with endless games of solitaire and stretching my legs in the back of the plane. There’s one thing I always do at the beginning of a long trip—as soon as the fasten seatbelts light has turned off I order a mini bottle of cold prosecco or champagne to celebrate take-off. Up in the air, in between time zones, it is never too early for a drink. A glass of champagne in flight is marking the beginning of a new adventure, and a toast to a great trip. Are there travel restrictions where you live, or where you want to visit? As soon as things calm down we will be getting on the first plane to Italy to visit loved ones. Let me know in the comments where you want to go when things go back to normal. What is your favorite travel ritual?

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