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Fashion In Style: Kirenia Baro Sanchez, London

Kirenia Baro, LONDON UK

Kirenia Baro grew up in Cuba, and lived in Milan and Rome before moving to London with her husband and two kids several years ago. She has loved fashion since she was a young teenager in Havana, and has brought her unique sense of style with her around the world. She has a playful approach to fashion, mixing vintage finds with the latest trends, and blending designer brands with casual basics to create a look all her own. Read on to discover how she found her love of fashion, her style must-haves, and her favorite places to go in London.


On Growing up with Fashionable Brothers

Kirenia with her older brother in London

I grew up with two brothers in Cuba–they like fashion, especially my older brother. I remember when he was taking fashion pictures from the magazine and making it himself by sending it to the seamstress to recreate it for me. This event has put a mark on my life, and with that I have started loving fashion. In Cuba women like to dress with colourful clothes, and like to show more of their silhouette. They are very particular, in my opinion they look like a painting from the 60s. The fashion in Cuba is linked to the surroundings. It is typical to see a woman with a “pañuelo en la cabeza” and a cigar in her mouth.

Pauñelo en la cabeza

 My personal style has changed depending on the cities I lived in. I never necessarily had one stylist I looked up to when I was younger, so I would just look to fashion magazines and shops to build up my style.

Fashion event in Cuba

When I was fourteen I started becoming part of a fashion group and worked with two of the best fashion designers in Havana. I was a model for  two important stylists; Raul Castillo And Juan Carlos Lopez from 14 years until 17 years old. We did fashion shows all over Cuba. I was always around.  We also did television programs, photos and I participated in all Cuban fashion festivals. I also did casting for Benetton, but not being too tall they didn’t sign me.  It was a unique experience. 

Modeling as a teenager

I was very lucky–In Cuba there was a very tough political situation at that time and as a model I was very fortunate. I have seen the most beautiful places in Cuba, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Ciudad Habana, all the tourist places and the most beautiful hotels.  I experienced a wonderful adolescence.  I always be thankful for my experience as a model in Cuba.


On a Trendy Everyday Look

I like to dress well even on a day to day basis. I am not a fashion slave but I’m keen on matching accessories like earrings, bags, gloves and belts to make me look as a “fashionista” person.

Looking ‘Sciura’ in London

I prefer to follow trends, but for formal occasions I wear a classic outfit and I make myself look more “sciura” (a term to describe an elegant woman in Milan). I love stiletto heels,however I wouldn’t see myself dead in a pair of chunky heels. One of my favororite trendy everyday looks now is skinny jeans, Zara T-shirt, Ralph Lauren belt, long jacket, Ralph Lauren backpack and my adorable Alexander McQueen shoes.

Favorite everyday look
London street style


On Style Must-Haves

Chic in a black dress

One item I cannot live without are my Alexander McQueen shoes because they go with everything such as dresses and skirts, plus they are also very comfortable for a daily basis. A tip that I have when getting ready in a short time is to put on red lipstick,a black dress and a cute bag.

One of my favorite accessories to wear are my gorgeous Chanel earrings which I bought in a vintage shop in Portobello Market near Notting Hill. I love going for a walk in old Bond Street and Oxford Circus to go shopping. I also like to go to Westfield London which is one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe.

Vintage Chanel earrings

Walking in Notting Hill


On Italian Fashion vs. UK

Embracing colour in UK
Going out for drinks in Rome

Milan and Roma were very similar in terms of fashion. Italians take great pride in the way they look and dress. Italian style is quite unmistakable. Remember, this is a country where brands such as Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani have grown and flourished.

Multicultural style at Pride in Soho

One big difference that I have noticed between Italian girls and English girls is that when Italian girls go out their outfit is usually black and dark, while the English dress with a variety of colours. Londoners are famed for eclectic style. People in London are different from each other, and everyone has different styles as it is a multiethnic city where people have different cultures and fashion styles. This is why I love to live in London.


On Designer Brands

My favorite designer brands are Zara, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Micheal Kors, Dolce Gabbana, Kenzo and Alexander McQueen.

My new Fendi boots
Gold Burberry earrings
Gold earrings by Burberry


On Living London

My favorite pub in London

The Hillgate Pub in Notting Hill is a very cool pub where you can often find famous people. It is a very exciting spot to grab a drink with friends.

Zedèl’s gorgeous 1930’s interior

Brasserie Zedèl is a restaurant/cabaret and cafe, located in Piccadilly. It has 1930 original interior. Very chic place to enjoy the drinks and the atmosphere. Dirty Martini is a cocktail bar, a very cool place with live music and good DJs.

The London Cabaret Club

At Bunga Bunga in London’s Covent Garden you can dance, eat and drink, and enjoy the fantastic show.

Another place I like is The London Cabaret Club. It’s a marvellous place,very chic, with a gorgeous show, it is a place in which I spend romantic times.


 I love to walk in Soho, it is one of the most cool area in London full of bars, clubs, super fun!!!!  This day in particular was the gay pride parade.

True Londoner in bright pink coat and bag


The London theatre scene

 I love theatre, and London is the right place to enjoy it… before the lockdown I went 2 times a month…The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Thriller, Jaime the Horse, Matilda, Aladdin, and Kinky Boots are some of my favourites, etc. etc . … this is why I’m full in love with London because it’s the kind of city where you can feel positive energy in the air–it’s an exciting, lively city full of opportunities.


On Finding Your Personal Style

Be yourself and mix what you like with what is trending. My motto for when I’m going out is don’t leave the house until you like what you see in the mirror. 

Thank you Kire! It was so fun taking a peek into your closet.

You can see more of Kirenia’s adventures in London on Instagram.

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